Lock Picking
Several Locks will be available to challenge your picking skills. From complete beginner to seasoned vet, we have challenges for all. Locks are graded using the Reddit Belt System. Bring your picks or use ours!

RC Car Racing
We will provide radio controlled cars for campers to race on an off-road course near base camp. You are also welcome to bring your own car.

Our geocaches use wifi and GPS coordinates. You’ll want either a hand-held GPS or an app on your phone (service can be weak, so load it ahead of time!). We like MotionX-GPS.

3d Printing
We’ll have 3d printers on hand making custom D&D characters. Campers can select their character, see it be made then paint it in time for the quest.

Dungeons & Dragons
Saturday night we’re rolling natural 20s! We’ll be organizing D&D games by the fire and running through the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Kit. This is a great opportunity to check out D&D or come back to it if you haven’t played for a while. Feel free to bring your own adventure if you’d like to DM. We’ll provide the dice, character sheets and some figures – you provide the action.

Retro Gaming
The RetroPi arcade systems will be in in full force with high score competitions across a number of games.  Loosen those thumbs up!