Tent Talks

This year, we’re doing something a little new. We’ll still have the same great challenges and awesome kids track – but we’re adding a series of short presentations called… Tent Talks.

We’ll be hosting presentations at our main event tent throughout the day on Saturday. The talks will range from very technical to passion projects and general interest.

1:00pm   Staying Safe Online Presented by nibb13

2:00pm   Playing with Pi by Sobit

3:00pm   Cryptocurrency 101 by Nullsec

4:00pm   Something Something Malware by Metacortex

5:00pm   Getting Security Awareness off the Ground by Oneballwonder

6:00pm   Filibuster by Weedpatch

If you’d like to talk about anything you’re interested in, please shoot a quick overview to jeremy at sobit dot org and we’ll add you to the schedule.

We look forward to seeing everyone at HackerCamp!